Our 3D Approach to Marketing

Whether you’re a Moment client, a friend or you’ve simply stumbled across our website, you’ve probably seen references to our 3D marketing approach. We thought we should explain to you exactly what that means and why the 3 Ds are central to our work.


Our 3 D's stand for:



Marketing activity that follows a carefully designed strategy 


Reporting on progress and quickly making changes where needed


Following through on our plans and setting realistic expectations


Let’s explore each of the 3 Ds in greater detail… 



Successful marketing campaigns don’t happen by chance: they’re designed that way. Before we discuss any kind of marketing activity, we need to understand your objectives. Where does your company want to be in one year’s time? How about in five years? What are your immediate goals? What will be an important milestone to reach in the long term?

By drilling down into your businesses’ objectives, we can begin to design a strategy to help you reach them. This step will look different for everyone; that’s why it’s so important to be cautious of businesses that offer seemingly perfectly packaged solutions: in reality, they don’t know enough about your company yet to be able to recommend a solution for you.

Strategic design looks like building a clear path from your current location to your desired destination with well-planned stops along the route. Every part of the strategy involves getting you further along the path, and ignores anything that would take you away from it.

That last part is very important. You could undertake all sorts of marketing activity; start a podcast, post on social media every day, publish white papers... the options are practically limitless. But unless the marketing activity is in line with your strategy, it’s simply work for work's sake.

We make sure your marketing is always focused on outcome, rather than output.

On that note…



Let’s return to the visual of the strategic path. 

Question: How can you tell if marketing is helping you get closer to your desired destination? 

Answer: With data that explains how you're progressing along your journey. 

We have access to a world of data, and Moment has the expertise necessary to gather and interpret that data to explain what is and isn't working.

We can tell you things like how quickly your audience is growing, how many people are engaging with your brand and importantly, how many are buying your products or services. 

Data also tells you when activity isn’t going so well. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we can all veer from the path. If that happens to you, we'll be able to tell instantly, thanks to the data we have at our disposal. If your activity is not helping you to get to your desired location, we can quickly identify the issue and pivot accordingly.

When you’re receiving reports from marketers, a savvy eye is needed. Make sure you’re seeing the data presented as you want to see it. The main metric to focus on should always be the one that’s directly related to your strategic objective: all other metrics are useful in providing context only.



Ever come out of a meeting feeling like you’ve put together an incredible plan, only for it to come to nothing? 

It’s one thing to have ideas, but another thing entirely to follow them through. We made ‘delivery focused' one of our core principles because of the importance of seeing ideas through to fruition.

For that reason, we're realistic in what we can achieve in a given time frame. While we're confident we can deliver excellent results for you, we won't promise you the earth. Rather, we use a simple formula: we discuss what we'll deliver, we deliver it and we report back on the results. Then, we refine our approach until we're certain that the activity is progressing your strategy.

While it sounds simple enough, in reality, focussing on delivery is something that businesses and agencies alike can often struggle with. We concentrate exclusively on the activity that will help your business get to where it needs to be.


Triple Bottom Line

Good things come in threes. As well as using a 3D approach, we’re concerned with the triple bottom line. It’s a business philosophy that views caring for people and the planet as equally important as profit. 

Increasingly, companies are redefining their definition of success. Beyond profit, they’re considering their impact on the earth and its inhabitants. Read more about the triple bottom line.

As a Pending B Corp Status company, we’re well-equipped to support businesses with ethical marketing. In the design phase, we’ll ask you to consider your social objectives as well as your financial ones, and we can build this into our strategic activity. 

We also tend to work with companies who have green credentials, or who have sincere intentions to improve their process for the benefit of the planet.


What Adam Says 

Adam is our Delivery Director here at Moment. Here’s what he thinks about 3D marketing and why we’ve embraced it: "We developed our 3D approach for one reason: to increase the effectiveness of our clients' marketing. We achieve this by offering a streamlined supply chain, efficient operations and having best-in-class experts working together as one team. 

“Rather than managing multiple suppliers, across disconnected marketing channels; Moment allows clients to engage with us at the design stage of their brand or marketing strategy, through to the delivery of all marketing work, in the knowledge that our decisions are data-backed and action-oriented."


Final Thoughts


We hope that explains our 3D approach to marketing, as well as our ethical values. 

If you’d like to understand a little more about Moment’s philosophy, we’d recommend reading about the triple bottom line, ethical marketing and our B Corp journey.


Next Steps


Interested in receiving 3D marketing support from Moment? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our team.