Why We're Pursuing B Corp Status

Businesses are necessary evils. Although they supply us with the goods and services we need, corporations are also known to participate in unethical and unsustainable practices that perpetuate harm across the globe.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Businesses can and should be forces for good. There's a growing movement of businesses that want to make a positive difference to the planet and its people. 

They're called B Corporations

B Corps are "businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose". 

They aim to build a sustainable, inclusive economy that perceives positive social and environmental impact as having equal value to profit. 

B Corps' practices are routinely reviewed by an independent assessor for full accountability.

At Moment, we have committed to becoming a B Corp. We currently have Pending B Corp status  and aim to gain full accreditation within the next 12 months. 

Find out why we believe becoming a B Corp is so important, the steps we've already taken to meet our goal and the actions we'll be taking next. 


What it Means to Become a B Corp

We believe that every business has a responsibility not just to 'do no harm', but to do good. 

It wouldn't be a stretch to connect the causes of climate change and many social injustices around the world with corporate greed.  

If every business considered it a responsibility to effect positive change, the impact for the planet and its people would be transformational. 

Now that consumer values are changing, we are seeing many prominent organisations talking loudly about their commitment to sustainability.

But talk is cheap. To make a difference, real action is needed. 

By gaining B Corp accreditation, businesses are agreeing to show the public what's behind the curtains. Having an independent organisation verify claims of sustainable and ethical practices helps to keep companies accountable for their actions.

Crucially, becoming a B Corp means that an organisation recognises that profit is not its only purpose. Most B Corps would agree with the Triple Bottom Line  model outlined by John Elkington, which puts people and the planet before profit.


Why We're Working Towards B Corp Accreditation

It's fairly unusual for a marketing company to become a B Corp. There are currently fewer than 400 B Corps in the UK, of which only 35 are in the marketing and communications industry. 

As marketers, it's easy to adopt the mindset that it’s only the clients we work for that can make meaningful change.

But the opposite is true: marketing organisations can play a vital role in making sustainable and ethical practices the norm.

Leading by example, we can support our clients as they examine their own practices. We can help them understand the demands of their consumers, many of whom are now ready to cut ties with unethical and unsustainable brands.

Marketers can also help organisations to adopt ethical marketing values by refusing to participate in unethical communications activity like 'greenwashing'.


Steps We Have Already Taken

As a Pending B Corp company , we have already taken several steps in our journey towards B Corp accreditation.

Evaluating our Current Practices 

Using the B Corp impact assessment tool, Moment has conducted an internal evaluation of our current practices, detailing everything from our company's structure to our energy consumption and supply chains. 

Implementing Best Practice Recommendations 

Following our extensive self-assessment, we have identified several areas for improvement. Based on our B Corp customised improvement report, we now have a roadmap for new practices to implement over the next 12 months.

Becoming a Real Living Wage Employer 

One of our most recent changes has been to amend our employment policy so that every member of our team now makes at least the Real Living Wage, which in Scotland is £9.50 per hour. This extends to full-time members of staff as well as those within our wider supplier network including freelancers. 

Joining the Better Business Act 

As a company, we are supporting the Better Business Act, which, if passed, would make it compulsory for organisations to report on their environmental and community impact in the same way that they must currently report on matters like the gender pay gap.


Steps We Will Take In The Future

Following our B Corp-recommended roadmap, we are preparing to introduce many new practices.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

We have pledged to go beyond achieving net-zero emissions, opting instead to become carbon negative. We'll do this through a combination of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to carbon offset initiatives.

Introducing a Local Purchase Policy 

Wherever reasonably possible, we have pledged to buy from local suppliers. This extends to the food we buy, office supplies and service providers, so that we can ensure that funds are returning to our community.

Evaluating our Supply Chain 

We are actively assessing our supply chain to ensure we are working with suppliers who share our values.

Creating an employee wellness programme 

While we're passionate about doing good work for our clients, that should never happen at the expense of our team's health and happiness. By creating a wellness programme for our team, we can ensure that they feel empowered to prioritise their wellbeing.

These are just some of the many changes that we'll be implementing in the months ahead. For more, visit the B Corp impact assessment page and view the best practice examples.

After we've implemented these changes and reported on their progress for 12 months, we will submit our application for accreditation to B Corp. 

Following our application, we'll be audited by an independent assessor who will review our impact and let us know whether we've been successful.


Supporting Our Clients

As consumer values change, businesses must work to provide evidence of their sustainable credentials.  

We're lucky to already work with many great clients who share our values. This extends to our energy division, Moment Energy, which delivers marketing support to renewable energy companies.

As a marketing agency, we feel that we can provide our clients with insights into sustainable and ethical practice, helping them to ensure that they too are forces for good.

When we develop marketing strategies for our clients, we build environmentally conscious solutions into our proposals as well as following ethical marketing principles


Final Thoughts

We're pleased to be taking the steps necessary to achieve B Corp status. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Instagram channels to follow our journey. 


Next Steps

Want to work with a marketing agency that shares your values? Get in touch with the Moment team to discuss your business goals.