Generating High Quality Leads

Systems Integration

The Brief

SI Ltd, also known as Systems Integration, were established in 1992, and provides food processing systems that streamline supply chains, increase operational efficiencies, reduce waste and improve profitability. 

SI Ltd came to Moment looking for help with lead generation. As SI provides a niche product, it is understandable that they needed a specialised approach to their marketing efforts.

Moment developed a strategy that involved the use of LinkedIn ads and Google ads. By using both platforms, we were able to push SI Ltd to potential leads that may not have known about them otherwise, with Google ads allowing us to pull in prospects that were actively looking for this specific product and service.


Pay Per Click & Display Advertising
Creative & Design Service


The Data

  • Jan - Apr saw the same volume of leads as the whole of 2020

  • Quality leads are forecasted at 300% up YoY

The Summary

We were delighted to see the positive impact these targeted campaigns had on SI Ltd when they sent us the following feedback:

“In the first four months of this year we’ve received the same amount of leads as the whole of 2020. And more than the whole of 2019. Forecasting 300% up YoY. They are quality leads. The targeting is great.”

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